painting on matcha container (natsume)

I like putting 'makie:蒔絵’ (lacquer painting) on matcha containers or 'natsume'.
In the kintsugi workshop I could paint on a plain lacquered wood plate or on a ceramic saucer
which are easier to paint.
Natsume, on the contrary, difficult to paint because of the curve.

The one with gold fish is not from traditional pattern.
My teacher said,
 'Goldfish on natsume?? ...hmmm,seldom to be seen (on the tea ceremony).'
I gave it to a friend who likes to drink matcha.

The other ones are from traditional pattern.

Putting seashell (raden: 螺鈿) takes time but makes the work more gorgeous.
I gave the work below to a friend who loves Japanese tea.

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