coffee cup of Ando Masanobu

I bought these coffee cups of Ando Masanobu (安藤雅信) at his gallery 'Momogusa (百草)' in Tajimi (多治見) which is in a restored old Japanese house.

I only drink coffee when my husband makes coffee grinding coffee beans in the weekend. And as I don't drink it so much, I chose a smaller cup for me.

About a year ago, I was shocked to discover the bigger one had been chipped. I didn't know how this happened.

I repaired it and my husband began to use it soon without waiting the lacquer become hard enough in half a year. So when washing it, we treat it carefully, not touching the repaired part.


mug of Stony Brook University

I got this mug several years ago when I went to see my second daughter who was studying at the Stony Brook University taking a local train from Manhattan. While she was attending a class, I walked around in the campus in a cold wind and bought this mug at a University shop as a souvenir.

I carelessly broke its handle recently. I can't remember how much was it, but it was not at all expensive, and I bought it at a reduced price because it was older version.

But I couldn't dump it because it makes me remember a lot of things about my travel to New York.

So I fixed it with kintsugi. I left it without finishing it with gold powder because when I use it routinely handling it rather roughly,the finish gold line would be gone sooner or later.


bowl I did break myself

The first thing I did at the professional kintsugi workshop was to break a bowl into more than 40 pieces.
I put together them again just like doing a puzzle,filled in the lack of pieces with a kind of clay consisting with lacquer and aggregate and finished it with silver powder.