lid of Chinese tea cup

This is another exercise I've got from Chaxinkyo. It's a lid of Chinese tea cup 蓋碗 (gai-wan). Broken into three pieces and there was a chip as well. I finished it with white gold powder.


container of Chinese tea

This is a container of Chinese tea leaf. It is one of my tea mates Ms W who asked me to repair it. She had dropped and split it evenly.

The two parts fitted precisely without chip or void.
But it was difficult to draw a finish line inside comparing to drawing a line outside. That's why the inside line is a bit thicker than I had intended. I need more practicing.


Chinese teapot of Chaxinkyo

Chaxinkyo (茶心居) is one of the few Chinese tea houses in Nagoya (名古屋) where I live. The owner Mr Tsubouchi is my mentor for Chinese tea world. One day he kindly handed me this broken teapot for my practice. He had bought this teapot in China and made it send to Japan. But when he opened the package,the teapot was already broken like this.

A part of bamboo had been lost and I had to make it up with kokuso (lacquer clay). For finishing I didn't use gold powder but I colored the lacquer with red, yellow and black color powder to make it resemble the teapot color.

 The result is this. I showed it to Mr Tsubouchi, but he didn't seem much impressed. So I might try again spraying gold powder or applying matte finishing.