banko-yaki teapot

Banko ware or Banko-yaki (萬古焼) is ceramics made in Yokkaichi (四日市) of Mie prefecture. It is famous for producing good Japanese teapots.

My friend K san had carelessly dropped a lid of a ginka-kyusu (銀化急須) of Banko yaki.  'ginka' means that the color has changed to silver after firing.

The Banko-yaki kyusu (teapot) normally doesn't use any glaze. And when firing it at a very high temperature the surface of ceramics gets metallic touch.


soy sauce pot of Yamada Ryutaro

I bought this soy sauce pot at Wad Omotenashi Cafe in Osaka.
It is made by a potter Yamada Ryutaro (山田隆太郎) from Tajimi (多治見).
 I liked its lovely shape very much.

But at the same time I thought that the thin spout might be easily broken.

And it was true. After a while, just only hitting it lightly on the faucet when washing it, the spout went off.

So I fixed it. The golden ring it wears now looks nice.