repair a tea cup with 'tomo-naoshi'

I was asked to repair a chipped Chinese tea cup. It's of Ms K, who is
specialized in Chinese tea.

First, I put 'kokuso', lacquer clay on the chip to fill it. After the clay has dried, shaped it according to the cup line, and then painted it with colored lacquer.
The color is as same as possible with the blue grey surface of the ceramics.

Then paint the rim with brown colored lacquer.

As the painted surface was a little bit puffed up and also had some small particles,
I filed the surface. Finally I polished it to adjust its luster with the ceramics.



teapot of Murata Yoshiki (村田益規)

Ms N handed me a teapot of  Murata Yoshiki   (村田益規)  the lid of which was broken.
Murata Yoshiki san is one of the excellent potters in Tokoname (常滑) where is the most famous place for production area of Japanese teapot (kyusu).
He is very good at modelling teapot using a pottery wheel and recently he has begun to make  Chinese style teapot as well as Japanese style one.
I have once visited his atelier as well.

The lid was broken like this and very tiny pieces were gone.

Assembled tentativley as below.

Then I filled the fissures with 'kokuso' or lacquer clay  and shaped.

The finish is 'tomonaoshi' that means to finish with the same color of the pottery
without spraying gold powder.

This is a Chinese style teapot whose spout and handle are on the same line.