fixing a glass broken in two

I practiced fixing a glass broken in two in the workshop.
First I made holes on the surface of the both parts of broken handle.

The holes are deep about 5mm. 
I used a 10mm wire and lacquer to join the parts.

After reinforcing the joint with lacquer and clay,
I swaddled it with a piece of cloth and painted it using blue colored lacquer
and then white colored lacquer.

Let it dry and filed off the surface.

The master examined my work and gave it A
that means 'barely okay'. 


repairing a chipped bowl

I bought this bowl made by Wadayama Masahiro (和田山真央)
 at Wad Omotenashi Cafe in Osaka. 

But soon after starting using it, I found it chipped while I was unaware.

So I repaired it with finish of gold that suited the ware very well.
Kintsugi is a repairing technique of ceramics which we use in our daily life.
In most cases kintsugi doesn't conceal cracks or chips, sometimes
even make them stand out.
After the repair we feel all the more attached to the ware and enjoy using it.